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About Us
Haining Arez Global Company Limited
AREZ GLOBAL is an international trading company based in Haining city, China. We have been operating in the wholesale upholstery fabric market since 2011, which means thousands of meters of the best quality fabrics and hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world
Our Services
We offer a wide range of trading services. Take a look at what we can offer to your company.
Chain Management
Control the complete process FROM planning, sourcing, manufacturing TO delivering the final goods. For companies with large and international operations, we help to improve their profit margins.
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Market Analysis
Sort the best fabric suppliers in China and offer you the most suitable ones according to your request. When you are looking for suppliers, it's best to be sure of your business needs and what you want to achieve by buying, rather than simply paying for what suppliers want to sell you
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Quality Control
Carry out quality control of fabrics and provide you with a full report. With the establishment of well-defined controls, we help standardize both production and reactions to quality issues
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Why Choose Us?
Trusted Suppliers
Arez Global has collected all the best and trusted suppliers in China. We will be your personal assistant
Price and Quality
Based on your desire, we will select the best suppliers in terms of price-quality-service ratio
Experienced Staff
We have experienced professionals, they will work with you, using knowledge and experience in a production, quality control to shipment processes
Market Trends
We will always keep you updated on new market trends and designs
Constantly accompany you in operational moments until you receive your goods. We successfully solve problems that are difficult for companies abroad in China
AREZ GLOBAL is your door to the global upholstery fabric market
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Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
No.38 Haining Avenue, Haining, China, 314419